Halion One sounds in C5 but not in C6

I have problem after installing C6 Windows. HALion one can find just a few sounds, but by far not all of them. In C5 (still installed) Halion One can find all installed sounds.

What i tried:

  • un- and reinstalling Hal1.
  • right click and choose Locate contant in H1. When I point at the right location in C6 and click OK, nothing happens.
  • rescanning the Media base

all to no avail.

  • does cubase 6 store the H1 presets in another location?
  • Can these presets point to another *.hsb-path (so HALion can’t find its sounds in C6) (why can’t this be solved with “Locate Content”).
  • Is there a way to correct this (even by editing xml files or whatever)?

I like to keep using H1 as it’s compatible with C5 (for exchange with fellow musicans and students).


In Cubase 6, HALion ONE is being replaced by HALion Sonic SE. There is a knowledge base article describing how to make the HALion ONE sounds available in HALion ONE in Cubase 6 but I think their intent is for users to use HALion Sonic SE (it has all HALion ONE sounds included) instead.
KB Article

Thanx, I’m gonna try it.