Halion One sounds in Halion Sonic SE

Are all sounds of Halion One (Cubase 5) included in Halion Sonic SE (Cubase 7)?

All of the Cubase 5, HALion One programs were included in the HALion Sonic SE that was included in C6. I am almost certain (though not absolutely positive) that all of that content is also included in C7.

I stumbled into this question because I wanted to phase out Halion One.
So I want to use the same sounds on the old songs but replace Halion One by Halion Sonic SE.
That way I won’t need Halion One anymore in the future.

For one song I was using the Halion One sound Voice Ld.
I could not find this sound while creating an instrument track with Halion Sonic SE via the “Media Bay” interface.
Not all Halion Sonic SE sounds that are on my hard drive are selectable this way.

Even worth: Then I tried to create a new Halion One instrument track with the Voice Ld sound.
It was also not selectable. The old song with that sound still plays.

What am I doing wrong?

I wish I could help more but, unfortunately, I don’t know exactly how they “implemented” the move to HSSE. I can say that I had some songs that I created with C5 and when I loaded them in C6, the programs automatically came up loaded in HSSE. I probably had about 20 different programs that all loaded up without any action by me. I will admit, though, that I did have to make some adjustments to the mix because the “new” programs, in HSSE, were “fuller” sounding and, therefore, needed adjustment. I am not currently at my Cubase computer so I can’t check to see if I have “Voice Ld.” I will be happy to check it tomorrow night or the next day and report back.