HALion One - suddenly out of tune?? (+25)

Ok, here’s a new one that’s got me scratching my head… :confused:

I’ve been preview bass samples in Halion One and they’re all playing back 25 clicks sharp?? I double checked by inserting the tuner plugin on the VSTi channel and sure enough, every note I play is +25. How can that be?
Seems to be a recent thing because I’m pretty sure I would have noticed it before.

Any thoughts?


Could they have been made at a different sample/bitrate to the one you are playing back at ?

Actually what I’m previewing is the bundled ‘standard issue’ HAL1 sounds so I suspect they’re all the same sample rate etc. And I’ve actually used some in the past without problem and indeed I’ve used HAL1 with many sounds in the past without problem. It seems it’s just today that it’s for some reason decided to shift notes up by a demi-semi tone :confused:

(a variation on what DaveFry just said :wink: )…
In that case, are you sure that the Cubase Project (or rather, your Delta card) is at the correct sample rate?

Did you put a book on your pitchbend wheel? :wink: