Halion One (VST Sound Instrument Set) worth installing?

Hi, I just realized that Halion One from Cubase 4 was replaced by Halion Sonic SE in Cubase 8. From what I read here (https://www.steinberg.net/en/products/sounds_loops/vst_sound_instrument_sets/synthesizer.html) it does not appear that those sounds were included in Halion Sonic SE. Are they worth installing? I think I may still have my old install DVD from Cubase 4 somewhere but otherwise, does anyone have a downloadable link to this sound set? And like I said, is it worth installing or not really?

An impossible question to answer - some people may love those sounds - others will hate them - and most will fall somewhere in between! Isn’t if YOU like them the important thing? Install and see. If they are instruments and not just sample sets I suspect they will be 32bit. which you might not want if you have a 64bit system. I’ve found older Steinberg 32 bit instrument sets won’t install on my system anyway - the installer just says “wrong version of windows” and craps out. I ended up having to extract the files from the installer to get “The Grand” (the Original one) running on my system - a piano I still love the sound of and is extremely light on the system by modern standards.

You extracted the sounds from TG1?


Anyway, yeah occasionally I will open up an old song and a HALionOne sound is missing. If my project is labeled properly, I’m usually able to find a suitable replacement. I’m pretty sure HSE can cover anything One could do with a little work, but I had always wished they included or gave us an easy way to re-import just for consistencies sake.

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just to chime in, ALL HALionOne sounds were included in HALion Sonic SE. They even have the same names, you just have to look for them.

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Thanks Luis, I guess there is no reason to hang on to my old Cubase 4 DVD then, if I am now at Cubase 8 and purchasing upgrades online?

Halion one is included in Cubase 8 in the Additional folder content, even if you have a Cubase 8 download!

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But if you have bought the “Synthesizers - VST Sound Instrument Set” than you probably need to install the HalionOne VST plugin.

I bought the synthesizer sound set and was told it’s not worth it to install one.

i’ve also had a hard time installing my The Grand box set, how did you go about extracting the files from the installer to get them to run on your system? I’m using a Mac OS X El Capitan version 10.11.5


If I remember rightly I renamed the installer file to either rar or zip and then pulled the data out, I’m a Windows user, it became a moot point anyway as it no longer works with Cubase 9 being 32 bit. I ended up buying AIR’s mini-grand in a sale for a tenner, which is my go to lightweight piano when I’m just sketching things. 9 out of 10 times I end up using NI’s Alicia Keys in the mix these days - it just sits so nicely in almost any genre of music. Though it wouldn’t be my top choice for solo piano work.