Halion or Groove agent Drums individual instrument panning

Hallo, I am a beginner in Cubase and I have a question about panning a individual part of a drumkit. I use Alesis MIDI keyboard and I play my drum part. What I would like to do is to pan hi hat more to the left and raid cymbal to the right. I would like to arrange to my liking the individual toms and so on. I cant seem to find a option to do that. Please help.

Welcome. Select Instrument in Left panel, then select Mixer in the right panel.

HALion is similar. Look for the Mixer button in the center panel.

First off all thank you. This is only the partial solution. As Cymbals (Crash 1, chrash2) and Toms are grouped together. In Halion I haven’t found the option to do that. I would like to say that only solution in Groove Agent so far is not to use kits that have nice picture with the drumset. Only AM signature Drums have this option. But non than less thank you as I have stumbled on this with your help last night.