Halion Orchestra not appearing after install

Halion isn’t appearing in my Dorico project.

Here’s a video showing what I’m seeing:

I’m getting conflicting info on these forums - some posts seem to suggest I need to purchase Halion for $100 from the website. Whereas others suggest that it comes free bundled with the Dorico license. Can I get a confirmation on that either way?

Or maybe the download was for a 30-day trial? I"m not sure.

The install through Steinberg Library Manager and Download assistant mention nothing about anything (and does there really need to be 3 confusing Steinberg desktop apps just to buy and license a product? But that’s another discussion). Anyway, I haven’t received any pop-ups giving me a nudge on what my next steps are, if there are any at all.

Any insight would be helpful. I wasn’t able to find a definitive answer about this.

No, you don’t need to buy HALion extra, it comes along together with Dorico.
Then regarding HALion Symphonic Orchestra, it’s just the sound library that you need. Dorico always chooses HALion Sonic SE as the VSTinstrument to play that library.
And to make your project sound, go to Play mode and from the menu choose ‘Play > Playback Template’. In the upcoming dialog choose the HSO template, close the dialog and wait until the Play button becomes green. Press the button and it shall play and sound.

It looks like you’ve downloaded the wrong thing. You don’t have to go to the HALion section of the Download Assistant at all.

You need the top two downloads from the Dorico section:

…and you need to run them both once they’ve downloaded. Your video shows that you’ve downloaded Halion Symphonic Orchestra but not Halion Sonic SE. If you just go through the Dorico section you’ll get both in a single download, and they’ll be installed simultaneously.

Thanks, this solved my problem. I didn’t realize that the word “download” had changed to the word “open”.

I then had to click on that word, which opened up a finder directory. From there I unzipped it and it installed. There was nothing directing me to do that - perhaps in the future the unzipping/install could happen behind-the-scenes automatically after installing?

Thanks so much!