Halion Quick Controls

Hi All,

This should be posted in Halion 5 but no one has answered anything there since June so I’m hoping for luck here.

Each sound program that comes up in Halion has a different set of quick parameter controls. Some have “Amp Attack” Amp Decay" “Resonance” etc. My question is, are you stuck with whatever comes up or can you change those controls? There are times when I need “Amp Attack” when it’s not listed.
Thanks for your thoughts!


Hi Will,

(am not sure, as I am not in front of my DAW to check).

Isn’t it possible, to re-assign a QuickControl of Halion despite already occupied?

Just try hovering over the desired Halion controller knob, press the right mouse button and assign it to one of the 8 available QC slots?

Am not sure, whether the Halion GUI shows the “modified knob” with its new controller name, or whether just the old one remains.

LG, Juergi

Thanks for the hit LG, Juergi.
It appears that it won’t let me assign another parameter in the QC when there’s something already occupying that space.
At least I couldn’t get it to do so. In the hunt to get this done though, I found the page I was looking for with the amp & filter controls.


Another idea, which came up in my mind:

The inspector on the left of the project window has a tab called QuickControls. There, you can view activity and set (load) the eight default QC coming from a VSTi. But it should also be possible to re-assign a QC one by one. Once you click on one of the entries, a menu should pop up to change the selected QC. The menue lists (from what I remember) up to 128 controls defined for the VSTi.

LG, Juergi

Thanks, I’ll try that next time in.