Halion screen opens behind dorico 3

Only an irritation, but when in play mode and I hit the button to edit the instrument, using halion 6, the instrument window opens up behind the dorico window, so I have to go and find it. In one case, it refused to get it in front of the dorico window and had to move it to the side to see it. Another small one for when the big issues are resolved. Back in the day, we called this behavior the Z order of windows. Thanks.

Unfortunately this is quite difficult to solve because the plug-in windows belong to the audio engine, which runs as a completely separate process to Dorico, and so the two applications do not share the same stack of windows: all windows belonging to Dorico will appear in front of all windows belonging to the audio engine if it is in focus, or vice versa if one of the audio engine’s windows has focus.

Ok. thx for explanation.

SE v 3.5 Same thing happening when I open BBC SO. If I close it, then open it again, it pops up on top. A niggle, but it would be nice if it could be fixed one day. (Win 10 Pro)

Welcome to the forum, RobF. If you don’t want the plug-in windows to open when you reopen the project, you can disable this in Preferences.