HALion SE 3.1 - Update error!

Hi Guys,

I updated HALion SE from 3.0 to 3.1; there were 2 files, one was for the application and the other was for the content.

I had no errors installing the files, but when I tried to launch HALion Sonic SE 3.1 I got the following error message: Plugin HALion Sonic nor found, please reinstall it.

I’ve tried running HALion as both Standalone and Plugin, I’ve even tried running the HALion Sonic executable just in case the shortcut had changed, but I keep getting the same error.

Right now I’d be happy to get back to 3.0 as I’m working on some projects, can anyone offer some advice on how to either update or revert back to 3.0?

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PS I ended up running System Restore and reset my DAW back to the previous Restore Point (4 days ago) bur this had no effect.

Win 10 64 updated and patched to the latest version

There’s no content update for Halion Sonic SE. You installed the update for the full version of Halion Sonic.

To reinstall Halion Sonic SE, download the Cubase 9.5 update installer from the Steinberg Download assistant.

Thanks for the speedy reply,

I’m a little confused now, when I selected the 3.1 Update on the Download Assistant I got 2 files (see screens), one was an Application and the other was Content.

As you can see from the file size I didn’t download the full version, which is over 27GB. I am downloading the full version now so with any luck this should fix the problem.

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