Halion SE 3 Issue - Am i going crazy?

Hi all!
Ive been pulling my hair out with this issue and cant seem to find a solution anywhere.
I recently reinstalled my PC and reinstalled a fresh version of Cubase 11 everything working fine but cant see any Halion SE 3 sounds/presets. Just blank.

Is there anybody out there that can help with this?
Also Halion SE 3 doesnt show up in my Steinberg Library Manager - not sure if its meant to.
Hope to hear from you guys, thanks so much!

have you registered the .vstsounds and do they show in the Library Manager ?

Thanks for your fast response.
So I’m going through the installation instructions you posted - in the Download Assistant app, Halion Sonic SE 3 has only 1 installer. No content installer.

I run the installation all goes fine, but no Halion Library Manager shows up for me to register VST sounds. Even search for the Halion Library Manager and nothing is found.

If i go into the Steinberg Library Manager - only Padshop and Retorologue show up.

Any ideas?

I’ve a PC here with Halion Sonic SE on it…and when I open up the Steinberg Library Manager I get a few “halion sonic” items

The vst sounds live (by default) in c:\programdata\steinberg\content\halion\vstsound

take a look in there and see if there is anything - if there is then double click it :slight_smile:

it that’s empty then try downloading:

Halion Sonic SE - content (recommended) - in the Steinberg Download Manager

this is a separate download from the Application installer.

hope that makes sense ?

thank you for the advice, so i did a fresh installation from the download assistant and i did find in the folder you mentioned a bunch of files. but when i double click it shows me this saying its already registered.

Also when looking to install the Halion Sonic SE content it doesn’t give me that option :

so frustrating :confounded:

I think that’s because you selected ‘C11 pro UPDATE’ - it assumes you already have them…try selecting the full version of cubase

ahhh i think you hit the nail on the head here ! thank you, downloading the Content now!

excellent - let us know if that works

that was it! thanks so much for your fast help :grin:

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