HALion SE needs the dongle to work in Cubase 12?

Hi everyone, I was hoping to free a USB slot in removing the dongle which I don’t need for Cubase 12 Pro, but then, when I load a project, which I started before upgrading to C12, it tells me that no valid license is detected for HALion Sonic SE and “Make sure to have an up to date version of the LCC” which i have. So, it seems that I still need the dongle after all to use HAL and probably the other Cubase plug-ins, don’t I? Or is there a way to work around without using the dongle?


Make sure you have the latest HALion Sonic SE update installed, please.

Do you use any extended library (did you buy any license for any other library), or do you use HALion Sonic SE internal sounds? The other libraries require the eLCC.

Yes, it looks like I didn’t have the latest from Halion, thanks for pointing it out! But you’re right, for the other ones, e.g. I still use Hypersonic 2 (I’m probably the only one!) I do need the dongle.