Halion SE2 Artists Library sounds problem

Ok i have to re-install halion SE2 ( not all of cubase )

I have the disks for cubase 7, but have since upgraded to cubase 7.5 ( online )

As not installed anything before but am going to try on my own this time…can anyone please tell me how to go about this - thanks!!

I have a fully up to date system, including eLicensor control centre / OSX / cbase 7.5 etc

I have, in the past, been able to load sounds from Halion SE2 Artists Library and use them.

I have a problem now with sounds from Artist library.
The sounds ( ie Cello Duo from Artists Library ) when trying to load onto a midi track, the following error message comes up
‘Halion Sonic SE. Loading program failed. OK’

If the sound was loaded in the past ( maybe before i upgraded from cubase 7 to 7.5? ) when i play midi tracks that have a sound from Artists Library, all i get is a loud interference sound.

Any ideas how to fix this?


Check and make sure the paths are setup correctly.

I wouldn’t think they move the installation with an upgrade, maybe the data got corrupted?

I would reinstall SE2 maybe.

Thanks for the advice Tacman7

Could you possibly tell me how to check the paths?

Also, if that doesn’t work, do i get the original DVD and find the SE2 and just reinstall that? Do i have to uninstall the old one? Someone installed it all for me as i don’t know how to do it!!


On page 250 of the 7.5 manual it’s talking about plug in information dialog on the device menu:

VST 2.x Plug-in Paths button
This opens a dialog where you can see the current paths to where VST 2.x plug-ins are located. You can add/remove folder locations by using the corresponding buttons. If you click “Add”, a file dialog opens, where you can select a folder location.

I’m not sure if SE2 is a vst2 or 3 but reading that whole section should offer some insight into what’s going on because it should show the status of all plug ins it knows about and maybe it knows where it’s at but can’t load it or something. The different colors mean different things so might tell something from that.

Check to make sure there’s not some old path still in there that’s no longer used, might confuse things.

Will check now - not quite sure how i know if a path is no longer used…but might be obvious once i look!

Hi Tacman7
Have read what you recommended, thank you

I have an understanding what paths are now, but thought it might be better to see if anyone can spot any discrepancies in my path info. Apologies for excess information!

Devices - Plug-in info

In the add/remove box i have 3 paths

  1. users/ my name/ library/ audio/ plug-ins/ vst
  2. library/ audio/ plug-ins/ vst
  3. library/ application support/ steinberg/ vst 2

in the Program Plug-ins here i have 2 paths

  1. eucon helper. path: library/ application support/ steinberg/ components
  2. vst 2 x plug-in manager. path: applications/ cubase 7.5 app/ contents/ components

Halion sonic SE vst 3
path: library/ application support/ steinberg/ components

All my other vst’s in this section has this path
applications/ cubase 7.5 app/ contents/ vst3

The only exceptions are
GA SE. path: library/ appication support/ steinberg/ components
( my older GA 1 path is applications/ cubase 7.5/ contents/ vst 3

library/ audio/ plug-ins/ vst 3/ steinberg

library/ audio./ plug-ins/ vst 3 / steinberg

Would appreciate any help with this!

If a plug in isn’t working that’s one of the first things you look at is if the path is right.

The path is just telling the software where you want it to look to find your plug ins.

Another problem plugs have is they run but they don’t know where their own library is. Usually there would be a way to show the plug where its library is, like a dialog or path setup.

But that would be a plug in that runs.

What color is the SE2 in plug in information?

A black list is when plug ins don’t load or load properly it quits trying to load it every time and is just listed as non working. Sometimes you have to reset the black list if it doesn’t even try to load.

Not sure what it would do if it’s an authorization problem.

So yours just takes a little time then gives you an error message when you try and use it?

Those are mac paths! I don’t speak mac. The theory is the same.

Only 2 rules to troubleshooting.

1 Try everything.
2 Only do one thing at a time.

To check the paths you open up an explorer window or finder I guess you use and look at where the program is installed and make sure that’s reflected in your paths.

Sounds like you might be needing to reinstall the plug in. Sometimes a reinstall is needed. Things were not working right for me and I reinstalled cubase from the disks. It’s a pretty smart installer and just kind of straightened things out and didn’t take too long and got rid of the problems I was having.

Might try running the plugin installer then rerun the cubase installer if that didn’t work. I think they have a repair option.

Thanks for the info Tacman7, i’m learning it all gradually
So if i have a path that, when checked on my hardrive, goes nowhere, i remove it?

I have a hunch that things have installed all over the place and i will have to get someone in to fix it. Annoyingly.

Real easy to add or remove a path, that’s where the one thing at a time rule comes in.

Try removing something then if that causes a problem just put it back.

Ok i have to re-install halion SE2 ( not all of cubase )

I have the disks for cubase 7, but have since upgraded to cubase 7.5 ( online )

As not installed anything before but am going to try on my own this time…can anyone please tell me how to go about this - thanks!!