HAlion SE3 reinstall( cubase reinstall) no sounds/instruments

I am not very tech savvy, and will probably use the wrong words to explain my situation but I bought a new laptop ( a good one) specifically to do my music on as the PC was getting very old I managed to somehow reinstall everything about a year ago, (new years resolution to work on some music) But the only thing that wouldn’t work was VST instrument tracks HaLion opens in cubase and in stand lone but there are no sounds/instruments to choose from and no sound heard if I hit keys, same with the virtual drum “thing” that came with it.

Its not a sound issue… I can record regular instrument tracks via an interface etc they play back.
I have no sound in chordpads either… but that is due to not having the instruments…

I tried to resolve the issue last year and deeeeep down a rabbit hole of searching I found that the files for the solution(which I can’t remember) were stored in an FTP somewhere rather than on the regular download area…

If anyone understands me!
Has any idea what I mean or what to do let me know It took me 48 hours last time to try to get it al working… I am once again at the start of a new year and desperate to get back to my music!

Please run the Steinberg Download Assistant, then click the icon for your version of Cubase to download the Halion Sonic SE 3 content.

The FTP server only has very old files.