HAlion SE3 + Vst instruments not found after windows reinstall-c drive replace and reactivation

I will try to just briefly outline my problem, and then any questions you offer back to me I will work with to go from there.

Here is a copy of the title
–HAlion SE3 + Vst instruments not found after windows reinstall-c drive replace and reactivation--------

  1. I reinstalled windows + replaced c drive (with a new SSD)
  2. I copied lots of files and tried replacing locations with files contents
  3. I used download assistant to download the application again (i ended up doing all the other downloads for HAlion Sonic SE3 and Groove agent etc again/ even through I thought I had the means to just copy the files because I backed them all up.
  4. None of which work, I can however load standalone applications for Halion SE3 and Groove agent. I managed to get sound in the standalone Halion SE 3 using my midi keyboard ,but not in groove agent. Groove agent is not as important to me as Halion anyway.
  5. It seems all VST instruments are not being recognized in any way on my ‘re-scan’ on plug in manager.
  6. In essence, I have no access to any vst instruments, please help…

I should also note I am not sure if my having moved/ or deleted a VST folder some time ago from the path C:\Program files (x 86)\ Common files \VST 3 … I may have seen that there is not much files being used in there (and maybe in my re-organising somehow relocateda folder, but what doesnt make sense is I reactivated my product and redownloaded it from Stenberg Download Assistant, plus I thought mostly things were operating out of Program files and not program files (X86)… Even though that being the case, I still had have the C:\Program files (x 86)\ Steinberg\VstPlugins - there is a couple of files in that folder (a dll file and a pdk file (for a program third party vst from Manda Audio. Either way nothing is working.

It is very dead end for me. I keep trying to start with a fresh head but not getting my head around it.

I am a little worried now because I am starting to concern myself around which folders are actually essential to have located the files to properly work the vst instruments. For example I don’t even know if I need to seek out and add shared component folders to the vst path scan.

If you wish to help, please help by helping me with a list of the folder the essentially need to be added to the scan for vst plug/ and instruments…PLUS …the location that the proper set up the steinberg vst instruments so that they may work in Cubase Elements 11. THANKS FOR ANYONE’S HELP!!!

Please note, that I thought I did what I needed to do and , just expected it to go, but with one folder maybe needing resetting or checking up on to make sure it is working or not, and the fact that these are essentially expected program files that come coupled with my Cubase Elements 11 software, I am reasonable in expecting this to be able to be sorted out right.

Let me know if you need any screen shots of file paths if necessary and will seek those out for you.

Kind Regards and thank you for any such help in advance,


You may be better off just installing everything from scratch rather than trying to copy.

It looks like you managed to install Halion Sonic SE and Groove Agent SE. Content for these plugins is just vstsound files. If you open Library Manager can you see any content listed? If you know you have the content somewhere on your computer but it doesn’t show in Library Manager you can register it by double clicking any of the vstsound files in windows file browser. Alternatively you can also drag and drop the vstsound file onto the Library Manager if it’s already open.

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Hi Misohoza,

Firstly, Thank you for your response. I will perhaps try reinstalling (perhaps), before I do I will give a couple of the other suggestions a look into. I know that I have what seems to be many vst items in the ‘Steinberg Library Manager’ so if they are loaded normally, then there may have been an issue with the file path directories, and if that is the case perhaps a install of everything again may be the best idea to avoid any uncertainties.

Give me some time, I will get back to you with how I get on. I want to get around to this sometime in the next few days because I am thinking of upgrading to Cubase 12. Makes think if I should muck around with all this or if I should just proceed to the upgrade (perhaps the upgrade may over be a matter of me uninstalling everything (Cubase 11 Elements) and reinstalling, then going through the upgrade (towards Cubase Elements 12).

Just one more thing for consideration of the overall scope of issues…it is worth noting that my plug ins for various vst plug in’s third party are working [ie Slick EQ ] etc, so it seems most vst folders are able to run, but some form of sub directory may be muddled, missing, or just not installed the right way, hence, worth while reinstalling like you say.

Thanks Misohoza.

Kind regards ,


Hi Misohoza,
I managed to clear up discrepancies while loading cubase as i knew where my chosen default folder is for vst sound files for core installation of halion and groove agent. I most found some sucess after intalling again, but also paying attention to not confuse halion sonic se3 and halion sonic as the same thing, so this time (i guess i may not have downloaded them all when i reinstalled, so i reinstalled again), i did not work immediately but after a second restart it did. I then xferred my preset folder contents over and now i am much more confident it is working.

Thanks for your suggestions. It helped.

When you say better off installing everything from scratch. I would like to know what process and details you refer to. I have tried clicking the 'Install again" button in the Steinberg Download Assistant.