Halion SE3 wont load instruments into midi slots


I am having difficulty with Halion SE3 and the Symphonic Orchestra. Basically, I have created a track with Woodwinds and Strings using the Halion SE3 player and assiging instruments to midi slots. After saving and closing the project, I re-opened it and notice that none of the instruments were in the midi slots. Furthermore, when I tried to load the instruments again they won’t remain in the slot.

I have rebooted my system twice and and have quit and restarted Cubase several times too. ( I have attached a screen shot )

Any ideas?



Mac (High Sierra) 16GB Ram - 1TB Space.
Cubase 9.5
Halion SE3

You have RED bars indicating issues with DISK/CPU/and Memory. Any reason for this?

I have this issue intermittently with Halion Sonic 3 instruments. I have to quite Cubase and restart the program - usually the correct instrument will then load into the slot. But I don’t know what causes the issue or how to fix it.