HALion setup in Ableton


So I’ve just acquired Ableton for a specific assignment, and I’m struggling to setup HALion in it.
In Cubase, it’s straight forward, because you activate the additional audio outputs on the instrument track itself.
However, I find no way to do this in Ableton. It seems the outputs are there (they’re available in the Ableton mixer to route to an audio track, but HALion doesn’t seem to agree because inside HALion, the additional outputs appear unavailable.

Anyone been successful in doing a HALion multitimbral setup in Ableton?


Set up your outputs in Halion (Master, Out 2, Out 3,…) for each slot and the rest you need to do in Ableton Mixer.

I have done that. I’ve assigned different outputs per track inside HALion,
and tried both adding audio tracks to route to, as well as using the External Instrument plugin in Ableton.
This works perfectly fine in Kontakt, but HALion shows exclamation points, indicating that the outputs are not activated/available.