HALion Sonic 1.5 available

Steinberg today releases version 1.5 of its premier VST workstation, HALion Sonic. With 64-bit support on Mac platforms, an extensive set of brass and reed programs, General MIDI implementation, brilliant new effects and an optimized performance, Steinberg’s flagship workstation is now even more powerful.


The Content update has a file extension MSP which has associated itself with my PhotoPlus program. How can I fix this so I can run the Content update? :imp:


If you right-click on the content patch file, you can choose “Open with…” and then select the Windows Installer program to run the patch - which would be the common association anyway.

I bought the activation code for HALion Sonic along with my upgrade to Cubase 6.5. Does this update require the previous version of HALion Sonic to be installed, or can I use this download get the product using the activation code I bought? I only ask because I can’t seem to find a HALion Sonic trial download anywhere on Steinberg’s site. So I bought an activation code but have no product and I feel stupid. :smiley: