HALion Sonic 1.5 content location


When I install the content package I cannot select anything other than the boot drive, but I have the rest of the library on an external drive. My question is, where do the files go? And why can’t I install those files on the same drive with the rest of the sounds?

I have a Mac and I’m still learning how to find stuff.

hello ,
when i installed the new update and content , it automaticlly put the new content in with the factory content , i have my samples on an external drive and it found them no problem ,i think they have implamented a new install system that checks halion sonic for the location of the factory content , and then places the new content in that folder . I noticed there was not a “select location for content” option aswell ,i thought that was quite odd but it seems to know where the factory content is stored , my install of the new update and content went smooth .
cheers !!

Yeah, thought so too. But I can’t see any newly added files in the factory content folder, even though all the new stuff is there when I open HALion Sonic.

Hi- posted earlier, and noticed that no choice was presented for content install, but as others said, it put them on my second drive right in the folder where they should be automatically. I found the new content tagged onto the end of the list of sound files. (don’t know if they will rearrange alphabetically on next boot or not0 :smiley:

If you choose “custom installation” at the appropriate point in the install process you can specify the folder you want the sounds in.


The .vstsound files could be in hidden directories under Windows.

Not sure about Vista but my Win 7 has hidden folders named

C:\Programdata\Steinberg folder
and a
C:\Users*username*\appdata\roaming\steinberg\content\vst sound

You could look at these.

Oops I just noted you are using a Mac so this info isn’t going to help much.


The default location for Halion Sonic content on the Mac is:
Mac HD -> Library -> Application Support -> Steinberg -> Content -> Halion -> VST Sound.

You can also make an alias of the file and place it in the default location. I hope this information helps.