Halion Sonic 1.5 will not validate in Logic

After I installed the Halion Sonic 1.5 it will not validate in Logic. It causes Logic AU validation to hang. Any help?

OK, I tried again, and this time it took about an hour, but after waiting all that time it crashed validation…

Ok, the only way I was able to get 1.5 to work was to:

  1. Copy the AU wrapper and VST3 plugin to a different location.
  2. Install 1.5
  3. Replace 1.5 VST with 1.0
  4. Launch Logic and validate Halion Sonic.
  5. Replace 1.0 VST with 1.5.

Hi, Im having the same problem as well.

to anthonyw: can you go into more detail on how you fixed it? which files are the wrapper files and which folder?
Which file do you replace to “Replace 1.5 VST with 1.0” ? Im using AU.

Ok i raised a ticket with steinberg and they confirmed the problem but there is no ETA on a fix yet.
I resolved it using the tips above by

1)Install Halion 1.5
2) Copy the following files to an alternate location
3)Copy from Backup drive a version of 1.0 of the following files and replace the 1.5 versions
3) Validate in logic
4) Copy the 1.5 versions back to the same directory and overwrite the 1.0 versions.

Thanks to original poster for the tip

what if I don’t have backup? How can I rollback to version 1.0? Or how can I reinstall HALion Sonic? Please help me on this. This is frustrating!!!

Can you send me those 3 files so I can validate? I don’t have copy of them. THanks

I did exactly the same thing but it couldn’t pass the validation… can anybody help me?

one more suggestion… Could you please try to update your ELC (eLicenser Control Center) to the most recent version? You can download the elc from http://www.elicenser.net. Please let me know if this works.

Cheers, nico

no that doesn’t work either. I have to always abort scan in order to get in Logic. Otherwise, it just hangs for ages.

If I replace 1.0 files, it just passes Logic with ease, but If I reset to original 1.5 files, validation just fails.

My system is: iMac, with Mac OS 10.6.6, Halion Sonic 1.5, Logic Express 9.1.3

I wouldn’t recommend anyone buying Steinberg products because of VERY POOR customer service!

Ok, with a new install of v1.5, I had to go into the AU Manager to manually check the box and rescan. Under the Compatibility column, it’s listed as “crashed validation”.

Logic will let me insert it but it’s labeled Incompatible in the AU plug-in selection tree.

Other than that it seems to work fine in Logic.

So far I’m really pleased with how it’s working in C6.


I could reproduce it on my Mac.
We are looking at this and it should be fixed with the next update 1.5.1 in the near future.
Unfortunately I do not have an exact release date yet.



It’s really beneficial when users concerns get acknowledged.

I just gotta say that this level of visibility and responsiveness from Steinberg is greatly appreciated!
It’s totally absent with some other companies.


HS 1.5.2 successfully passes Logic’s validation process. :mrgreen:

i have upgrade to 1.5.2 and it shows that it’s validated in Logic but my instruments are not showing up in the library on Logic. Any suggestions.

All third party plug-ins whether virtual instruments or audio processors need to have their presets saved in Logic in order for the presets to appear in Logic’s Library.

So you have two choices:

  1. Load HS into Logic, then select your instruments from the HS interface. Honestly, this is the most sensible way to go given the Media Bay-like search filters built into HS.

  2. Roll up your sleeves and start saving presets. Two ways you could approach this:
    a- save only you favorite, most frequently used instruments
    b- save the entire HS library. For this you would create a folder for each Instrument category when saving in Logic. Give each folder a number so that the order of presets will be identical to what’s available in HS: 00_Bass, 01_Drums, whatever. Save the presets in their respective folder using the numbering system above to keep the presets in order.

What you loose by doing is: 1. time :open_mouth: , and 2. the ability the HS search filters. Saving your favorites as mentioned in 2a above would make the most sense if you like using Logic’s Library.