HALion Sonic 2 and HALion 5 released

First, confirm that you just bought Cubase 7 and did not also buy HALion separately. In other words, are we talking about the trials that come with Cubase?
If so…
Well, I think there is some good news and bad news…
The bad news is that, if the activation code was on a piece of paper, it is probably lost forever.
The good news is that I think you have a demo (not a permanent license).
You have the DVDs so you could put in a support ticket, explain your situation and they may give you a new TRIAL activation code. Then, install from the DVDs and activate.

If the activation code you lost was for a full, permanent HALion, then you DEFINITELY need to contact support, though I don’t know if they can do anything for you.

I note that Halion Sonic 2 unlike Halion Sonic is not released as a vst2.4 format for macintosh.

For whatever reason SB insists as it did with retrologue and pad shop before it on not doing vst 2.4 for mac whilst they do it for windows still.
The argument has been made that any mac host that doesn’t read vst3 plugins will read AU.

I just found a problem with this.
I have two systems. My studio PC and my preproduction Mac.

If I use Halion Sonic 2 in NI Maschine 2 on mac and try to open this same project on PC it is saying that plugin (Halion Sonic AU) not found and vice versa… for me this severely restricts me from ever using Halion Sonic 2 in Maschine.
I do hope Steinberg reconsiders this approach.


I’v just reinstaled my win 8(.1), and I reinstaled my Cubase 7 (64)…ok updated to vers. 7.0.6…ok
so then I reinstaled my Halion Sonic, but I only get the vers. 1.6,3.53 (64) (Nov 30 2012)…after update,
but I use to have Halion Sonic 2…If I check in my “Steiberg sites” it says that I have registrated: Halion sonic 2… :slight_smile:
PLEASE HELP ME :smiley: :smiley:

senserly from the North
"My equempent: PB, 1.6 x 2 Ghz, 1Tb, 8GB, Win 8,1 (64), Cubase 7 (64), Halion Sonic, sound: Steinberg UR22, Steinberg CMC AI, MIDI:M-Audio Keystation 49e USB, , M-AUDIO BX5a, and the newest drivers for ALL…

There are three ways you could have installed it. 1) Part of the Halion 5 install. Or, you purchased it and 2) received the disks 3) got a download link.

  1. Re-install Halion 5
  2. Use the Halion Sonic 2 media, not Halion Sonic
  3. Find the downloaded media from the original link and use it

Should you not have the downloaded installer anymore, open a support request with support to have a new link sent to you.

Hi all.

I see this is a kind of an old thread but I couldn’t find a better place to bring my question up.

I consider buying HALion Sonic 2, but I can’t find a trial version of it. Only HALion 5 is available as trial. But to my understanding this is a kind of a different beast. So is there a way for me to try HS 2 as download and then buy the full license if satisfied?

Many thanks in advance!

Can i use the halion 5 or halion sonic 2 as plugin for Logic proX or Presonus Studio One 3? Or a Steinberg DAW is needed?

IT comes with AU, VST3 (VST2 on PC as well), and maybe AAX although I am not sure about that.
But short answer. yes you can :slight_smile:

Hello i post a topic but i hope to get help here

im interested in using Halion Sonic 2 in Logic soon but meanwhile i buy it , i use garageband 10 on yosemite for this task so i want to use Halion sonic in garageband first

The issue is that i downloaded the 30 day trial demo from the steinberg page but it doesn’t open in garageband 10. It says it need to be updated but i downloaded the latest version with the demo so i don’t think thats the issue

this worries me because i want to use it in logic pro x in the future and if it doesn’t open in garageband i fear that it’ll doesn’t open in logic either so i come to you because im kind of a newbie in mac so i don’t know what to do. Thank you

Do you have the USB eLicenser?

yeah, the license is loaded and activated, i can use halon in studio one and standalone


I just looked into this and it appears that you can’t load Steinberg instruments into Garage Band, I can and do load HalionSonic instruments into Logic on Yosemite 10.10.5 but some of the instruments don’t play and tell me to check my installation. I can’t figure it out. Music Man bass is one example. There are still lots of instruments and the Stock ones compliment them nicely. Alchemy in Logic 10.2 is amazing.

I guess I should RTFM before posting. You CAN load HALion Sonic into GarageBand. There is a little Plug-ins area in the Smart Controls area that allows you to load Instrument and Effect Plug-ins. It sure is out of the way. I did search for it and couldn’t find it.


Hi, I have just installed cubase 8.5. I have a question about H Sonic 2: Can I use with different speed SR !00 BPM drum Loops ?
Lİke 96 BPM ? I hope you understand the question :slight_smile:

I have question.

In Halion Sonic 2 Multirack, when you are selecting VSTs, ratings there is category and sub category. When you click on either one it gives you the option to select a different category you want the VST to be in and it also gives you the option the select none. WHen you select none the VST disappears. Where does it go to? Because when when I type it in search I cannot find it. I selected none by accident. How do I get it to return?