HALion Sonic 2 and HALion 5 released

Hi all,

Today we are very happy to announce the immediate availability of the latest major versions of Steinberg’s popular virtual instruments, HALion 5 and HALion Sonic 2.

With a massive library update, several new effects, lots of new features and improvements, these iterations of HALion and HALion Sonic have made a big leap forward.

Please visit http://www.steinberg.net/halion for detailed information about the new instruments inside HALion and HALion Sonic, the new effects and the sound design features.

We have created several videos that introduce all the latest features as well as quick start videos for those of you who are new to HALion and HALion Sonic.

Please also have a listen to the demo tracks and demo phrases on the product pages.

The updates from recent version are now available for download only through the Steinberg Online Shop. http://www.steinberg.net/en/shop.html

Looks great.

One question I have about upgrades is to go from Halion Sonic 1.6 to Halion 5. From what I see in the shop it requires two separate upgrades (one from Halion Sonic 1 to Halion Sonic 2 and another from Halion Sonic 2 to Halion 5). Is this the only mechanism or will there be a way to do it in one upgrade process/download?

  • Geoff

Hi Geoff,

You are only able to update via HALion Sonic 2 to HALion 5. There is no direct update path from HALion Sonic 1.

Hi, for whatever reason, the “B3” type organ presets are reverb loaded, even with the reverb switch off.
Is this a bug?
Hope not. I’m Mac pro Quad core running Mt Lion.
Thanks in advance.

How much does HalionSonic2 cost?
I only see the update prices…I am interested in the full price as i don’t own the previous version(i have the SE through Cubase of course)

FWIW, this did not manifest itself on ALL the various presets. What did happen was the very cool organ GUI disappeared, to be replaced by the usual HS 1 stuff at the bottom of the page.

Can someone explain to me what’s the difference between Halion Sonic 2 and Halion 5. It’s not really clear te me. Btw, I allready have Halion Sonic 1…

You know how in HS you have a “Program” and it is made up of up to four “Layers”, and you can edit each of those Layers? Well, inside of those Layers are “Zones” (and possibly more Layers!). HALion let’s you edit your sounds at the Zone level. There are some other differences too but that is that main thing. There was a demo for H4 which is probably gone now but they will probably have one out for H5 soon.

Ok thanks!

Now I saw you can’t download HALion 5. So if I want it, I have to upgrade my HALion Sonic 1 to HALion Sonic 2 and then to HALion 5. Is that the right way?

To expand on this, as I understand it, Sonic 2 is a sample PLAYER, while Halion 5 is a true sampler.

Is there a new Synthengine behind Voltage and Trium or is it just a GUI-update?
How do these two Synths compare to Retrologue?

However, the GUI looks very nice!

I’m pretty sure these are just macro pages with patch sets for the Synth engine. I haven’t auditioned the patches, so there may be some patches to cover multiple engines.

Another thing, that I just realized my be important, is the new grain synthesizer. I don’t see any direct access to it in HS2 but I assume in H5 you can directly affect it.

I hoped there would be a demo version just like with the instrument expansions, or am I missing something.

Well, you can’t get at the grain engine directly in HS2 per se. But Auron is just a macro page that controls it. Auron is kind of a stripped down version of Padshop. And just like Padshop you can only use the list of existing samples(at least I think that is the case). But, most of the other grain params are directly controllable from the Auron macro page.

Thanks for clarifying, Jeff. FWIW, in Padshop Pro, you can select your own samples.
I am still considering getting H5 because, while HS2 is great, I keep finding myself wishing I could have more editing capability over the HSSE content. There are some great, basic sounds in there, and I find myself wanting to make a minor adjustment often.

In fact, there is one program that I liked so much (Dynamic Mini), I opened it in the H4 trial and copied the oscillator, filter, amp, etc., exactly in HS2 and saved it as an HS2 program! Now, I can use the stepmod, FlexPhraser, adjust envelopes, LFOs, whatever I want (limited by HS2, of course).

Yeah, I see H5 in my future…


I think that’s kind of the point … H5 is for creating/deep editing. HS2 is for workstation playback and automation.

To further the padshop example, Auron is kind of Padshop pro in H5 as you can use your own samples.

FWIW, Voltage and Trium are just macro pages with patches too but for the Synth engine. They do make editing patches easier due to the “traditional” view of a synth. But, they don’t give you anything that isn’t already in the synth engine.

hy to everyone. I lost mi activation code from my halion sonic ,and I don’t know where I can find it. can you tell me an email address or something or somebody ? thanks

Was it already activated? Was it registered? Did you receive it in an e-mail (online purchase) or in a box?

I just activate the Cubase 7, and I forgotten to activate the halion ,and now expire in some hours. I lost my paper with the codes