Halion Sonic 2 grace period

I just posted a support ticket about this but I wonder if anyone here knows the answer…
I have Halion Sonic 1 which was originally an upgrade from Hypersonic 2.

I see on the website that HS1 owners who registered after May 2013 get a free upgrade to HS2. It says the grace period applies to all HS1.x licenses activated after May 2013, including upgrades. I registered in November 2013, so I should qualify.

The instructions say, enter your HS1 Activation Code in the E-licenser, and you will be invited to download the HS2 License.

I tried this but the EL recognises the HS1 Upgrade code as a Hypersonic Upgrade, and says it’s been activated (which of course it has)

So I can’t get any further using this route. Anyone else found out how to do this?



Decisive is the date of the activation, not the registration. So, when did you activate your HALion Sonic 1 upgrade, please? Be aware, you can activate your license only once.

Martin, sorry, I wrote registered when I meant to say activated, in November 2013. That’s according to the record in MySteinberg (I wouldn’t have been able to remember, without that!)

So I should qualify, don’t you think?

I have run the Grace Period test on the website in relation to the particular eLicenser which the HS1 license is on, and it says ‘no grace period on this eLicenser’. Something’s wrong somewhere, but I have no idea what.

many thanks for your interest.


Then I think, you should qualify.

I agree. Now it is up to the Support department to figure this one out…

Support got back to me, apparently the Nov 13 date was when I transferred the license from one eLC to another - the original activation was 2011… :frowning: