Halion Sonic 2 Instrument Sets

I just purchased the full license for the demo version of Halion Sonic 2 but I cannot see
the individual instruments (picons) from the integrated media bay. The only thing listed are the presets (Content Sets) from Halion Sonic, SE and Dark Planet (I also bought the Symphonic Orchestral Library but had to manually place them in the Halion folder).
What’s wrong here!
From the demo clips you can clearly see the individual synths and choose anyone to create an empty track.
When I click on LOAD, I only see HS SE Artist, HS SE Basic, HS SE Pro, HS SE Hybrid and Trip.
NO NEW SYNTHS: Voltage, Trium, Model C, Haliotron …

Please help!


After you installed it, did you have Media Bay re-scan the presets?

Not shure, will rescan anyway. Thanks!

Fantastic! Steinberg Support sent me a link to Halion 5 full install isos ( compared to the upgrade from Halion Sonic 2)
and after reinstall ALL IS WELL!! I even see the picon for HSO that I could not see in HS2.

Thank you Joel from Support.