HALion Sonic 2 Not Working on my Mac

Hello, I’ve been having some issues trying to activate my HALion Sonic 2 on my Mac. I purchased an educational license of HALion Sonic 2 on December 17th, 2016. I activated it on December 27th, 2016, and used it on my PC without any issues. I recently purchased a MacBook Pro, and would like to use HALion Sonic on it. I tried downloading it off of the downloads page on the Steinberg website, however the download did not work because my MacBook Pro is the new 15-inch High Sierra with the Retina display. I did some research and saw that HALion Sonic 3 came out and that if you activated HALion Sonic 2 around when HALion Sonic 3 was released you could get a free update. I then tried downloading HALion Sonic 3 using the Steinberg Download Assistant, assuming that I would be able to update from HALion Sonic 2, and hoped that the update would enable me to use it on my MacBook Pro. I then realized I needed to check if my eLicenser was eligible for the update, and after checking for my eligibility I realized I was two days too early to be eligible for the update. I had already downloaded HALion Sonic 3, so I had to remove it from my computer in order so that I could use HALion Sonic 2 instead. I saw that there was an updated patch for MacBook Pros with the Retina display, so I downloaded that and tried to run HALion Sonic, 2 with no success. I kept getting an error saying there was “No valid license detected for HALion Sonic” and under the popup that said “HALion Sonic 2” it read “Initializing: HALion Sonic - Version 3.0.0”. I thought I had removed HALion Sonic 3 from my Mac, and did everything I could to check if there was anything that was making my Mac go to version 3.0.0 instead of HALion Sonic 2, but I couldn’t find anything. I know my eLicense is valid for HALion Sonic 2 because I am still able to use it on my PC, however when I attempt to run it on my Mac I get this error. I believe that it is due to the fact that I tried to install HALion Sonic 3 while my license is for HALion Sonic 2, but I can’t figure out what I need to do to completely remove HALion Sonic 3 from my Mac. I really would just like to be able to use HALion Sonic 2, as I understand I activated my license two days before the eligibility date for the free update to 3.0.0, so I am not asking if I can receive an update, I just was wondering if anyone knew what I could do to get HALion Sonic 2 working on my MacBook, as I feel like I’ve tried everything. I removed HALion Sonic 3 and the Steinberg Download Assistant from my Mac by dragging it to the recycle bin and emptying it, I also went into my Applications folder and deleted any of the leftover Steinberg files from HALion Sonic 3, as it says to do in the page on the Steinberg website labeled "Mac OS X: How do I uninstall an application completely?”, along with all the other possible locations listed there. After doing everything I could to try to remove HALion Sonic 3 from my Mac, I downloaded HALion Sonic 2 again and the issue still occurs. Thank you for your time, and I have included a screenshot of the error in this post.