Halion Sonic 2 SMF Player

I just downloaded Halion Sonic 2 Trial and tried out the stand alone. I am impressed with the overall sounds
quality and 4 FX Aux ,etc …however, for a live soloist musician, I am happy that Halion Sonic 2 has included a SMF
player which uses Halion quality sounds (GM mode).
If only Steinberg includes a quick Key transpose button on this SMF player. :wink:

Hi Richard18,
what do you expect the “quick transpose button” to do?
Transpose all slots at once except for MIDI channel 10?

best regards
Gerrit Junge

I’d envision it as (something we already have in Sonic and SE), having a dialog where you could opt for transposition or not channel by channel (sometimes people break GM rules and put other stuff besides drums on 10. Also, GM2 files can sometimes use channel 11 for drums too). It might even be nice if you could set each channel’s transposition interval independently.

If I’m not mistaken, there may already be a way to do this transposition stuff already built into Sonic (Click the MIDI Tab).

One idea might be to have a master transpose field at the top of the list, with little tick boxes where one could link or unlink each instrument slot to that master transpose setting independently. Channels 10 and 11 could be unticked by default.

Another might be to have some sort of key-combo that would change all of the fields together in one pass. I.E. Hold alt key while pressing enter/return after typing a value into a transpose field, and it gets copied to all of the subsequent instrument slots (one could set exceptions for channel 10 and 11 in the settings/option tab).

It’s not a high priority feature for me personally, but if I’m wrong about it already being possible in SE, I can see where it would come very much in handy for live performers wanting a very small and simple setup. I.E. Accompaniment for Congregational singing…

Perhaps its as simple as building a user macro of some sort?