Halion Sonic 3 and Halion Sonic SE3


im using an Cubase Elements 9 and the integrated Sonic SE as a Midi Player.

Is there any difference if i would buy Sonic SE 3 or Halion 6 just for the GM Midi Player.

I dont wanna use instruments in Halion 6 or SE3 and patch them to each channel, just simply using the 16 parts of midi as an GM Player.

So is there any “significant” better GM sound or is the GM area exactly the same ?

best regards

Halion Sonic 3 has an almost completely different, much newer sound library compared to the Cubase Pro version of Halion Sonic SE (which has over 1000 more sounds than the Elements version), but the stock GM sounds are the same in all versions.

But you can replace the stock General MIDI sounds by following this super easy procedure:

You can turn ANY sound loadable by Halion Sonic 3 into a GM preset. This includes the sounds from HS SE and any expansions you bought.

For the best GM file compatibility, I recommend turning off any Chorus/Delay/Reverb insert effects used by the presets and then saving them under a different name.