Halion Sonic 3 and the new Licensing

Can someone enlighten me as to what happens with Halion Sonic 3 when the eLicencer servers shut down in 2025?
Will it continue working with the dongle as it is?

To do away with the dongle and move to the new Licensing, do I have to pay for the Halion Sonic 7 Collection upgrade?

I have been given download vouchers for the few instruments sets I bought (like Dark Planet) but don’t know the score with HS3 itself?

It will continue working for as long as your USB-eLicenser dongle remains functional.
If you’re using the Software eLicenser, it will continue working for as long as the computer is still working and no major modifications are made (such as installing a new OS).

That’s correct. This will give you access to all of your Halion Sonic 3 factory content in Halion Sonic 7, plus the new FM Lab and Tales libraries.

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Important to know (if I have understood Steinberg’s support article correctly):
As long as the eLicenser servers are still online, you can upgrade e.g. HALion 6 to HALion 7 for 100€. After that, this is no longer possible and you will be forced to buy HALion 7 at full price (350€). This means that anyone who does not upgrade in time will have to pay twice.

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Exactly. I went for it in the end, and as I was upgrading Cubase anyway, I also upgraded my HS3 to HS7C and my Padshop too.
Once it’s all installed (and the Steinberg Download Manager is as slow, cumbersome and prone to crashes as the NI one!) i’ll be dongle free :slight_smile: