Halion Sonic 3 can't find the Factory Program presets (solved)

I downloaded the program on my PC with Windows 8.1 and when I try to open the program in Cubase 8.5 or standalone, I get a message. VST Sound Library Halion Sonic Facotry Program Prese 01 not found. When I hit ok, it says preset 02 is not found and so on. I tried to locate it but had no success.

So I want to reinstall it, this time I saw the Raven and other programs being uploaded in a small black screen. Still I had no success. This is frustrating. Any ideas how I can fix it? At this point I am going to reinstall the entire program. I am allowing it to install where it wants to on my computer. :cry:

Hi Glenn,

have you entered the activation code in the eLicenser Control Center?

Yes, I did.

Actually after I did a full reinstall it worked and the program could find the files.


Great program by the way. :mrgreen: