Halion sonic 3 en halion sonic se

Dear people,
I bought Halion sonic 3 now want the library,
to put Halion sonic se but it doesn’t work.
Halion sonic 3 has 26 instruments with 4230 presets.
Halion sonic se has 15 instruments with 2253 presets
Already done with download assistant where should I take it.
I don’t know it’s not explained clearly.
Who wants to help me

This looks correct. Does the content show in Halion Sonic 3? Do you have all the libraries there?

You should be able to use all the content in Halion Sonic 3 (both Halion Sonic and Halion Sonic SE instruments) but not the other way around.

Halion Sonic SE cannot use content that comes with Halion Sonic.