HALion Sonic 3 - Program Changes via MIDI Keyswitches?

Hey everyone,

I am working with HALion Sonic 3 in Logic Pro X as the host. Does anyone know how to make it to where I can use program changes without having to use a multi in logic? Say I’m on the piano sound but want to switch to the strings sound using C#-2 so I don’t have to create multiple tracks within the multi. I’ll include pics below.

And no, I’m not talking about just changing the patch. But rather using MIDI CC to automatically switch them (say something like the MIDI learn feature in Omnisphere) while keeping it as one instrument channel. I did find some program change automation features in LPX but I’m unsure how to get them to work with HALion.

Thanks in advance!

Ok - let me see. I imagine that what you’re after is something to move between layers as in for example a combi with piano and strings. Assign CCs to the Mix tab Level volume, so that you could fade and blend as you wish.

Alternatively within a single program layer 2 or more sounds/patches