Halion Sonic 3 SE: I see MIDI activity but hear no sound

Hi all,

OS: Windows7 64
DAW: Mixcraft
Halion Sonic 3 SE: v.

So I downloaded a VST piano tonight (Novel) and had to install Halion Sonic 3 SE to use it. I thought “cool.”

It’s been a full hour of setting this up (password changes, e-Licenser update, downloads, install) reading, watching bits of videos, but I can’t find information as to WHY no sound is coming out. I see the MIDI blinking (using the Halion pianoroll or a 88 key controller).

I did not select to install the Generic lower latency Asio at install because I already have an ASIO driver with my Fast Track Ultra M-Audio external sound card.

I tried it as standalone, and from within my DAW (Mixcraft). Same deal. Not very intuitive so far…

So, what am I missing?

Thanks in advance.


Check your settings in plugin preferences. Maybe you don’t have correct output channels selected.

Yes, but I don’t see my sound card in stand alone:

Stand-alone Halion SE

And in my DAW I didn’t change anything:
If I open any other virtual instrument (Kontakt for example) I have sound immediately.


Bumping this. I’m on a Win10 laptop. No sound.

I just installed HSSE3 (and did the licensing thing) and have it running just as a standalone to test it out. I’m simply trying to hear some of the sounds by selecting them (IE: GM 039 Synth Bass 1) and poking the virtual keyboard along the bottom.

I’m seeing the midi things light up OK when I poke at the virtual keys.

When I go into Preferences -> Output -> Audio output ports --> I see: Speakers (Realtek High Defin 1)

Anything else I should be looking at? The Advanced Tab? Control Panel? (IE: allow ASIO exclusive control… ?)

Any suggestions?

OK, I wasn’t aware that I’m supposed to drag the instrument up into the track, right?

Now when I do, I’m getting a popup message: “Some Audio Files are Missing, Please check installation”

Now what?

I get the exact same thing. Have you received an answer to this problem?

It tells you what to do. If you don’t want to troubleshoot, reinstall the instrument.

The audio files missing portion I figured out. My real issue is seeing midi activity, not hearing a sound and in the plug-in Preferences I am not seeing my audio output soundcard available.

Then it’s not the same thing as this topic really. Create your own topic in that case