Halion Sonic 3 sounds total

I’m trialing HS3, using Cubase Elements 8 on Windows 10 and the sound total showing is only 1054 under ‘All instrument sets.’
Content is saved to the default hidden folder and Library Manager shows all instruments.
Halion Sonic factory content is 9.86gb and Halion Sonic SE basic is 4.97mb.

The HSSE 2 sound list isn’t showing anymore in Cubase but these wouldn’t be needed really if I had all the Sonic 3 sounds.
I’ve scanned folders in MediaBay but find it a bit confusing.
Just wondering if any Sonic 3 users could verify the sound total and instrument folder sizes shown in Library Manager.
I was looking forward to buying this after using Sonic SE for years but it seems to be incomplete.
Any help appreciated.

I’ve now upgraded to Cubase Elements 10.5 as it was only £17.00. This has Halion Sonic SE3 and is showing more presets than the £180 Sonic 3 plugin.
I’m inclined to stick with HSSE if I can’t locate the rest of the HS3 content.

the HALion Sonic factory content is something around 25 Gbyte. If you have only 9.8 Gbyte, then something must be missing.
I would suggest to install the latest version of HALion Sonic and to download the content once again. Both can be found here:

best regards

Thanks for the reply. I installed via the Download Assistant but didn’t use the Installation Notes.
I’ll uninstall HS3, remove the content and try again.
I did do this before and the trial activation code couldn’t be used again. I’ve been given a new one for the current installation but it may be invalid for this pending one.

I’m sure I have the latest version of HS3 so will just download the content again to save having to reactivate the license.

No luck I’m afraid.
I’ve downloaded the content again and the folder is around 27 Gbyte with 108 files. I then follow the notes, says ‘registration successful’ but the folder in Library Manager then states 9.86 Gbyte.

108 files is correct. What do you see if you open the Steinberg Library Manager? It should look like this :

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It looks ok. Just some small differences in file size.
Have included two screenshots for some of the other instruments too.
The included HSSE 3 with Cubase Elements 10.5 seems to work as it should when used in the DAW.
There were some ‘file missing’ prompts at startup which I managed to locate.

Using HS3, all instruments are shown but many of the preset lists aren’t there.
Have been fiddling around with the filters and scanning MediaBay but they haven’t appeared.

Maybe as HSSE 3 is included with Cubase, the program alerts you to the missing content.

Is it perhaps possible that the Layer filter is active? That would explain the 1052 presets.
If not, please try to find the folder “HALion Sonic_64” at “C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg” and delete it. All files will be newly rewritten to the same location after another launch of HALion Sonic Standalone.

best regards

That was it!
Deactivated that and the number instantly went from 1054 to 3912.
Just didn’t spot it there or even know what it was.
Many thanks.