Halion Sonic 3 sounds

Hi, I was interested by the EP’s in the Halion Sonic 2 version. Unfortunately I slept on it. My question is does the 3 version still has the same EP sounds or others or new ones added ?


All of the electric pianos from Halion Sonic 2/Halion 5 are included.

The included models are:
-Rhodes Mark 1 (Stage 73)
-Rhodes Suitcase
-Over 10 DX7 FM e.piano variations

I find the Wurli in particular pretty good, it’s surprisingly deeply sampled.
The DX7 EPs come with separate attack and body samples, which can be used to build a custom FM EP tone or layered with a Rhodes, for example.

Only a few synth-based EPs were added to Halion Sonic 3.

Thanks for your reply !!!