Halion Sonic 3 upgrade 30 days waiting from SUPPORT NO ANSWER

So I’m been a Steinberg user since Cubase 1 on Atari…But now i really thinking to abandon STEINBERG forever.
Their SUPPORT or lack of support is so BAD that i don’t find any words for it. 30 DAYS NOW waiting for any response on my ticket.
Bought an upgrade for HS3 from HS2 full version, when i would upgrade my Elicense I’ve got error that no license found to upgrade.
Well now their isn’t a license for HS2 on my dongle, but I’m running HS2 full without any problem.
i don’t understand this.

I sent them screenshots on HS2 working in Cubase 9 Pro and on my Elicense.
Running HS2 full on both my Win 10 and OSx Sierra no problem.

Any suggestions what i should do about this LACK OF SUPPORT from Steinberg…

How is support supposed to help you with this little info? If you don’t have a Halion Sonic 2 license then this upgrade path is obviously not going to work.

How did you get access to Halion Sonic 2? Do you own Absolute 2 or Halion 5? Are you sure you’re not using an unactivated trial version that’s using the emergency “All Applications” license in your eLicenser to run?

Yes i own Absolute 2…
Is that why i have full HS2 then?.
So i will ty so much for answer this, but why couldn’t Support tell me this instead off be silent.

Ok do you have some suggestions how i will proceed with this then, have already bought the upgrade to HS3…

Best Regards

Contact asknet support and request a refund. Tell them that you bought the wrong upgrade: https://steinberg.support-asknet.com/en/support/solutions

The upgrade you were supposed to buy is the upgrade from Absolute 2 to 3. You’ll get both Halion 6 and Halion Sonic 3 with it: https://www.steinberg.net/en/shop/buy_product/product/absolute-3-vst-instrument-collection.html