Halion Sonic 3

Well i started working with Halion Sonic 3 for a song. The problem is the volumes from the mixer settings keep jumping back to 100% while i set them every time and save the presets. I know there is a way to save the multiprogram and save the preset on top row. So basically i save the multi and the preset on top. When i reload the same song into C10.5 and back is Halion Sonic 3 the levels of the mixer or the level of each patch is set back to 100%.
Can anyone explain me if they have this also ? or how is the best way to save Halion Sonic 3 multiprograms, so it keeps the settings of the levels or pan ? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I am a bit confused as Halion 6 does not seem to have this problem…

Wow, not that anybody wants to answer the question THX.
I found out when i only save the Multi, when i reload the whole project in C10.5 it works and the same settings come back.
When i save on the Top Row then all goes wrong when reloading…
So i better only save the multi.
Thanks for all your great help.

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