Halion sonic 3

Dear all,
I bought Halion sonic 3 for Dorico elements 4.
That is possible but I have to do the Sounds of the libraries though the hss3 player.
But how do you do that where are those sounds libraies.
Does anyone want to help me.

Hi @Albert_ten_Brummelaa , I’m not 100% sure what you mean, but let me explain like this:
Dorico comes together with HALion Sonic SE and separately from that you can also buy HALion Sonic and HALion. What is the difference between the 3 HALion derivates? First it is the amount of contents, i.e. sound patches that are delivered with it, second the ability to create and tweak own sounds. With HALion you can do anything, create new, tweak and play anything. HALion Sonic is more limited in that but you can still tweak a fair bit. HALion Sonic SE on the other hand is meant to be a pure player only, but despite that fact, it can still play any sound patch that was created with HALion.
Dorico’s factory templates are all configured to use HALion Sonic SE. If you would want to use HALion Sonic instead, you would have to create own template files instead. But there is no point in doing so, because HALion Sonic SE can equally well play all the sounds from HALion or HALion Sonic.

Does this help you? If not, please ask more specifically.

Hallo Ulf,
Hoe krijg ik die geluiden van de HALion Sonic 3 op de HALion Sonic SE
Groet Albert

hello ulf
How do I get those sounds from the HALion Sonic 3 into the Halion Sonic Se
Greetings Albert

Hi @Albert_ten_Brummelaa ,
any HALion sound library that you have installed shall also get picked up automatically by HALion Sonic SE. Have a look in the HALion Sonic SE editor window in Dorico. If you go to the Load tab (there where you load the sound patches) there is an orange field that says All Instruments Sets. If you click on there, you shall see all the libraries that it detected. Are the HALion Sonic libraries among there?
If you are unsure, please do in Dorico from the main menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

Uploading: Dorico Diagnostics.zip…

Hi @Albert_ten_Brummelaa , somehow the upload of the diagnostics report went wrong, I can’t download it. Can you please do again or send directly to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de. Thanks

Hi Ulf,
On the HALion Sonic 3 there are 26 instruments with me 4230 files
On the HALion Sonic SE there are 15 instruments with me 1615 files
Then I miss the Sonic SE 11 instruments below
Trium,Voltage,World instruments,World percussion,Model C,
Hs 2 combis,hs factory,Hs liotron Hs 3 combis,B-box,Auron
Are in the Content Dorico se measure not in the Element 4
Greetings Albert from Delft

Hi @Albert_ten_Brummelaa , to be honest, I don’t know what Steinberg product comes with which which HALion sound library. We have so many libraries and Dorico for example comes with that many sounds and Cubase with that many. If you installed the Dorico Sounds Installer package, you shall have all that comes together with Dorico. The HALion Sonic sound patches shall come with the HALion Sonic installer. Right at the moment I’m on a Linux computer, so I can’t run the Steinberg Download Manager and check what installer packages there are, but if you install everything that is listed under HALion Sonic, then you should be all set.
Does this answer your question?
Cheers from Hamburg

Hi Ulf,
Still succeeded with Diagnostics
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (2.2 MB)
Greetings Albert

Hi @Albert_ten_Brummelaa ,
thanks for the data. According to the logs Dorico detects tons of vstsound files, from both HALion Sonic as well as HALion Sonic SE. Though I’m not 100% sure what comes with HALion Sonic, I dare say that you have everything installed.
My only concern is the installation path of most of the vstsound files. They get picked up from
C:\Users\amten\Downloads\Steinberg\WIN64\Content HALion Sonic 3

but normally should be installed under
C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound

See, the Downloads folder should be regarded as a temporary folder only and not as a place for permanent installation. I don’t know how you managed to get them into that place.
Do you want to move them or leave them where they are?

Hi Ulf,
I did with the download assistant.
definitely went wrong I don’t know if everything has to go there is nowhere we’ll see
thanks for the help.
greetings Albert ten Brummelaar