Halion Sonic 7 acting weird

Hi All.

All available Cubase 12 installations and updates have been installed incl Halion Sonic 7.

All Halion Sonic SE instances in existing Projects have now been automatically replaced by Halion Sonic 7. In a project that was finished last year with 2 Halion instrument tracks one Halion Sonic 7 instrument track, which corresponds with midi slot 1 shows output level for all used midi slots 1 upto 7. That is output level on the channel, in the MIX in the midi slots and the vertical output level meter in the upper part of Halion (above the toolbar).

A second Halion Sonic 7 Instrument track = midi slot 3 solely in use is audible but no output level is shown on the channel / Track. The MIX midi slot in Halion is showing output level but not in the vertical Halion output meter above the toolbar.

When i click on the first instance (with 7 slots, the instrument track = midi 1 slot) there is no level output anymore (only midi led flashing when notes are played). When i click the Midi Reset button (lightning arrow icon) the output level and sound is back for midi slot 1. the other midi slots 2-7 function always and they are MIDI tracks (so always output level and sound).

The second instance with only midi slot 3 in use stops outputting level and sound the moment the instrument track / channel is clicked on. The midi led keeps flashing when midi notes are played but not a single output level meter is outputting. Also the MIDI reset button makes no difference. Once clicked on the Instrument track / channel there is no sound and it does not return.