Halion sonic 7 Banned sound programs

Hi all, new here! I have just downloaded and installed Halion Sonic 7 to work on a cubase AI 10 where I had Halion SE3. Now I see many sound programs (most of them) with a banned sign (red circle with white horzontal line). How can I make them work? Thanks!!


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Hmm, Cubase 10 used the dongle. Sonic 7 does not.

You might want to consider updating Cubase to 12? In theory Sonic 7 should work with Cubase 10, but there may well be issues between the old ‘dongle’ versions of HALion, all the content that goes with it, etc…and the newer dongle free system.

Before doing anything drastic…You can disable the Sonic 7 plugin by ‘moving its plugin’ to a new location ‘outside’ of your system’s VST3 directory (can always move it back later if desired). HSSE3 should still be on your system unless you manually/intentionally uninstalled it. Run some tests to see if the old SE 3 works as expected.

If you want to try Sonic 7 again. then ‘move’ the old HSSE VST3 directory to a safe place on your system. It may well be that Cubase 10 doesn’t quite know what to do if it sees BOTH HSSE3 and Sonic 7 installed in the VST3 directory.

Where is the VST3 directory? Not sure about Mac, but on Windows it’s in: “%System Drive%\Program Files\Common Files\VST3”

I.E. When using Sonic 7, you might move the Sonic SE folder to someplace out of the scan path. Example: Cut and paste the HALion Sonic SE folder to a place like “C:\VST3.disabled”.

When using Sonic SE, cut and paste the HALion Sonic folder to your disabled directory, and move the Sonic SE one back to the scan path.

In short…only have ‘one or the other’ in the VST3 directory at a time. I’ve found this helps avoid some issues with non Steinberg (or older Steinberg before Nuendo/Cubase 12 and Dorico 4) hosts.

If you really want to press forward with Sonic 7, in all its dongle free glory, along side Cubase 10 (you’ll still need the dongle plugged in I think?)…

Try a fresh system reboot. Don’t open any Steinberg hosts.

Open Steinberg Activation Center. Make sure all your available Steinberg hosts and libraries are activated here.

If you have any extra sound packs for HALion or Groove Agent, make sure those are active as well. If you purchased any of them back when the USB dongle was required, check your My Steinberg Account for any ‘vouchers’ to update to the newer dongle free system.

Open Steinberg Download Assistant. Give it plenty of time to do its auto-maintenance thing. See if you get Media Bay ‘updates’. It’s also possible to get some sound library updates that just come down automatically. If there are any other updates showing after the normal ‘automatic maintenance’ go ahead and grab those.

If that doesn’t sort things…

It looks like the presets marked in your screenshot are from the HALion Sonic SE “Artist” Library which is included as part of the HALion Sonic SE 3 - Content" in hosts like Cubase and Dorico.

Since Cubase 12 and Dorico 4 and 5 came to market, a number of these libraries have had various updates and patches. It could be whatever is on your hard-drive is simply out of date.

If fast internet isn’t a problem for you (recommended)…

You might try using Download Assistant to simply download a fresh copy and reinstall the latest version of “HALion Sonic SE 3 - Content”. If for some reason you get a message that it’s already ‘installed’ when attempting this, open Steinberg Library Manager and try ‘removing’ the "Artist Library’ (and any others that seem corrupt). Try installing again.

Note, you can see what library a preset belongs with using the column settings tab in the content browser:

Now you can scroll the horizontal bar at the bottom of the browser to see more information about it.

If grabbing 3.35 gig of files isn’t so easy in your situation you could give this a try first.

Open Steinberg Library Manager (Can be found in your OS Start Bar under Steinberg). Using the Library Manager, MOVE the corrupted library to a new location on disk. That should force an update of your Media Bay database. If it’s working at this point, you could later move it back to the default location if you prefer.

One thing to be careful of if you manually install vstsound content by double clicking it. Do NOT register it from the Download Assistant cache location, as file might gradually disappear or be replaced at that location! Instead have Library Assistant register them to the Default, or a custom location outside this temporary storage cache.

Also note. If you do update all your HALion content to their latest dongle free iterations…make sure you also have the last version of Sonic SE 3 at hand for times when you need HSSE 3. I think that’d be HALion Sonic SE 3.5.10 (works dongle free if you also have a qualifying host (If you don’t have one, grab a registration for the free version of Dorico maybe), and you can find it here: Dorico 4 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg).

The last ‘dongle required’ version of HSSE was SE 3.4.40 I think (this one was easy to find in an isolated download). And you can find it here:
Cubase Pro 11 Downloads | Steinberg

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Dear Brian, many thanks for your long and well explained answer. I will follow your instructions and come back to the forum with the results of my findings.

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