Halion Sonic 7 Content

Hi, i am a bit confused about the content for Halion SE 7. I see all my Halion SE 3 content but I can’t quite see if there is a filter to filter out H7 presets and content? Is the content just the 4 free instruments?

The product names have changed. Halion Sonic SE is simply Halion Sonic now. @Philippe_Bono explains that in a post here .

Halion Sonic 7 doesn’t cost anything, and there’s the new product called Halion Sonic 7 Collection, which can be bought.


Halion Sonic

Halion Sonic Collection


Version naming is confusing.

Before this release, we had:

HALion 6 < HALion Sonic 3 < HALion Sonic SE 3

HALion Sonic 3 had a few more feature and FX available to it, relative to Sonic SE 3. It was an upgrade, even though it was also a “player” instrument.

With this release, Steinberg just deleted Sonic SE 3 from the lineup and moved what we would have expected to be HALion Sonic 4 down into the friend/bundleware tier. So, it’s basically a free upgrade to literally everyone.

If comparing to the previous versions, Sonic 7 sits - functionally - between HALion Sonic 3 and HALion 6.

HALion Sonic SE 3 was really just their analogue to something like UVI Workstation or the Garritan Aria Player.

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