Halion Sonic 7 Factory Content

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I’m just wondering what the Halion Sonic 7 Factory Content consists of, and if I’m entitled to it as a free user?

It’s listed as 1.89 GB of content, however all I see is an ‘Init Program’ with a basic tone.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

The free download version of Halion Sonic 7 includes no content out of the box. It looks like you may have installed some of the Halion Sonic SE 3 content which is only available to users who have a Cubase license.

A few of the Halion Sonic SE 3 presets included with Cubase use cut-down versions of the instruments from the full version of Halion 7 and the cheaper “Halion Sonic 7 Collection”. This sample content will show up under “HALion Sonic Factory Content” in the Steinberg Library Manager, but this wont give you access to the “HS Factory” presets.

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The only libraries that you get are the free ones, of which there are five. Go to the Steinberg Instrument page and click the ‘Free’ filter.
The five libraries are:

Guitar Harmonics Essentials
LoFi Piano
Novel Piano
Colors Free
Alto Glockenspiel Essentials

I believe this will take you through the process of getting download codes, and then you can download from the Steinberg Download Manager, but just follow whatever the instructions are when you click the links on that page.

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I believe HSSE3 shipped with a set of General MIDI Sounds, so there is also that.

Maybe ripped out of Sonic 7, though.

But I’m not sure anyone would want to use those are production sounds. It’s more just to have something to stand in before you choose a better library - similar to the sounds from the Cakewalk TTS-1 Synth, and similar stock instruments in other DAWs.

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Thank you all.


How do we re-install the Haltion SE 3 general midi sounds? I think I hosed my working SE 3 setup when I installed Halion 7 and downloaded the wrong content and remove it to get rid of the start up license errors. I see no Halion SE 3 content downloads anywhere.

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Halion Sonic SE 3 has no content at all. The general midi sounds are part of Halion Sonic SE Basic set which gets installed with Cubase.

Hi nitrateaudio,

I believe I downloaded the GM set under ‘Dorico SE 4’

The entry is called ‘Sound Content for Dorico SE 4’ @ 2.94 GB

Is this GM set derived from a Yamaha Workstation? I think the sounds are great. Beautiful character.

thanks. i guess i will try dorico se and perhaps reinstall Cubase.

I have the Halion Sonic Factory Content installed from when i installed Sonic SE 3. I do have a CUbase LE or AI license though, so maybe you only get the 1.67gb Content bundle if you have Cubase license.

I own Halion 6 and all of the sounds that came with it. A lot of which are sounding pretty dated. I was wondering if Halion 7 stock sounds had been refreshed? I mean, have they removed some of the old chaff as well as including new patches for the new engines?


Added FM Lab and that’s about it (also, Tales for Absolute 6).

The Stock Content is otherwise the same.

Agree that it sounds dated. Even the Kontakt 7 Factory Library sounds a cut above, and I wouldn’t even use much of anything from that. Basically keep it around because it’s easy and convenient to grab this stuff in Cubase when sketching/brainstorming. Almost always replaced later - the Acoustic Instruments, at least.