Halion Sonic 7 Install - Install the Collection?

Cubase 12
Windows 10

I’ve installed Halion Sonic 7 as suggested during updates.
But when I click the 30GB Halion Sonic 7 Collection, it says there’s no need to install it in the readme file. Should I install it, or is this duplicate data? The FM Lab and Tales also show up. Are they included with Cubase 12?



No, Halion Sonic 7 is a free update, but the “Halion Sonic 7 Collection” library is a separate purchase. This library includes the content from Halion 7 at a lower price.

All of the content covered by your Cubase license can be found by clicking the icon for your Cubase version in the Steinberg Download Assistant. FM Lab and Tales aren’t included.

Yes avoid installing as you will have to remove later if you haven’t bought licenses for them. The free instruments are listed on this page: HALion Sonic : Download for Free | Steinberg