Halion Sonic 7 - Load Preset can't see Halion Sonic SE presets

  • Running Cubase Pro 12 on Windows 11, just installed Halion Sonic 7

Halion Sonic Media Bay and Browser can see all Content Sets, (SE Artis, Basic, Hybrid, Pro, as well as Trip, Flux, Verve, Colours Free, HSO) but in ‘Load Preset’ it doesn’t think Halion Sonic SE 3 content is installed. It only sees Colours Free, Verve and HSO (Halion Symphony Orchestra ).

…or somtimes it looks like this:

I’ve tried initializing preferences, and re-installing ‘Halion Sonic SE 3 content’ but these don’t help.

The Download Assistant puts all the content in my Windows Downloads folder , and it stays there. I can also see all the content (older date-stamp) files in :
C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\HALion\VST Sound
So I’m not sure what the Download assistant is doing leaving it in Downloads.

Tried emailing Support but no luck.

btw - When I open any Halion Sonic SE presets, I only see the Halion Sonic SE2 editor - never SE3 - I’m not sure whether this is right?

Everything seems to be working properly for me.

Some Ideas to try first:

You might try forcing a refresh from the Cubase Media Bay.
Tap F5, or…Cubase top menu: Media/Media Bay
Reset the filter.
Open the left panel if it’s not already.
Right Click VST Sound and choose Refresh Views

If you’re seeing the content in this master media bay, it should be working for Sonic/HALion as well. If not…have a look at this thread about starting Steinberg Media Bay in a special way. I know it’s in a Dorico discussion, but it won’t hurt to try. Grab the bat file there and give it a try.

Double Clicking a vstsound file is the way to install HALion and Groove Agent content. It calls a special Library Manager as the default app that looks something like this:

Note, I have a lot of content in mine since I have full HALion 7, plus a few other add-on libraries.

The stuff that comes with Cubase Pro as part of the main SE content package should be:
HALion Sonic SE Artist
HALion Sonic SE Basic
HALion Sonic SE Hybrid
HALion Sonic SE Pro

Dorico is Similar, but instead of Hybrid and Flux, you get HALion Symphonic Orchestra, and Olympus Choir Micro

Some others like Verve can be downloaded separately in your Cubase tab.

You might also find various links to other free instruments. Typically you’ll get an activation code or something for such instruments and can then find them in Steinberg Download Center, or in some cases it might be a direct download of the vstsound files for a completely local install (just unzip if necissary, and double click one of the files).


Go into that download folder, Double click any of the vstsound files therein. That should bring up the Steinberg Library Manager. You’ll get options to install anything in that ‘directory’ from there. Note, some ‘libraries’ might have ‘multiple’ vstsound files involved. You don’t have to double click every single file! Just any ‘one’ for a given directory, and Library Manager will walk you through the rest.

If it doesn’t want to take it, it might mean the same or a newer version is already installed.

If you don’t think this is the case and you want to ‘be sure’ of a fresh, up to date, and uncorrupted installation, you could uninstall them via Library Manager and then try a reinstall (double check you’ve downloaded the latest versions). Before doing this, I’d recommend rebooting your system first. If you have a Steinberg Dongle, make sure it is plugged in. If Download Assistant wants to update eLicenser, allow it to do so. Do NOT launch any Steinberg Hosts or instruments before hand. Just go straight into Steinberg Download Assistant and work from there. It shouldn’t matter, but it’s just a precaution to make sure something else running in the background that uses Media Bay isn’t interfering with the update process.

An alternate way to get into that Library Manager is to tap your Windows start bar and type in steinberg. An icon to launch it should show up somewhere in the search hit list.

It’s normal to see marco editors that say something like this:

The Basic, Artist, and Hybrid libraries will all look much like this. If you have Sonic Collections, quite a bit of the factory content for that may have macro editors still referring to Sonic 2 as well. It’s quite normal.

The Sonic player itself has undergone many updates and upgrades since those sounds were made. Very few changes have been applied to the content libraries in and of themselves. Namely, the ability for them to work with the newer dongle free Steinberg Activation system. They simply didn’t bother to change the graphics in those ‘macro editor’ builds.

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Thanks so much Brian

What worked was :

  • moving the files out of C:\ProgramData\Steinberg-\Content\HALion\VST Sound (to temp)
  • Using ‘Remove’ of the modules in the Library Manager - to 'un-register them so thay could be re-installed
  • Double-Clicking the vstsound files to re-install

Somehow som were in the
C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content*HALion*\VST Sound
folder but on reinstalling (to the Default Location), most were now installed to C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound

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