Halion Sonic 7 mediabay confusion

Hi, I’m trying to understand how the program/preset browser works in Halion Sonic. When using the Mediabay, I can’t seem to find more than 32 programs, most of them pianos. Looks like this:

I know there are many more sounds/programs available in HS, as I can access the mthrough the preset browser at the top of the plugin window:

But if I search for “brass” in the Mediabay, I get nothing:

I 'm thinking the problem could be the filters/tags that are selected below the search field, but I can’t figure out how to get rid of those. Which is making me feel like a fairly large idiot. I mean, it should be possible to browse and select all programs from the mediabay, right? Can anyone tell me what Im doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

Untick this option:


My understanding is having that icon active enables a ‘filter’ of sorts, to only show similar instruments to what is loaded in the active slot.

Sometimes filters are in place, and clicking the |<< icon next to it can clear those as well.

Hi Brian, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, none of those two options fix the issue. In fact, I’m beginning to think it might be some sort of bug rather than any “mishandling” on my part. I just noticed that the only libraries available to me in the Mediabay is the Glockenspiel and the Lofi Piano, but I know that I also have Verve, Colors Free, Novel Piano and of course the basic Halion Sonic library installed (and those are visible in the preset browser at the top of the window). So I’m thinking maybe something when wrong when I installed Glockenspiel and Lofi Piano a few months ago. On that occasion I also upgraded from Artist to Pro, so maybe there was too much going on for the installer to keep track of things.

I will try to see if can reinstall Halion Sonic. If I have to reinstall the entire Cubase program I’ll probably just live with the f’d up Mediabay instead.

Thanks again.

I’m assuming the computer has been restarted post installation. Mine could not locate until I did this on sonic and full vers.

Yeah, those installations happened several months ago and the computer has been restarted numerous times since then. Hopefully a partial reinstall will fix it.

Might try using the librarian to simply ‘move’ the libraries to a different folder/directory, then move them back. Might avoid needing to redownload.

Oh, but do run Download Assistant first, just in case there are ‘updates’ you might have missed.

Yeah that sounds like a good idea. I generally keep my music PC offline and haven’t had it connected to the internet in several months, so it’s possible I’ve missed some updates - and that I simply didn’t get it properly updated when I upgraded to Pro. So hopefully that’s where the problem lies. At least I really don’t see what I might be doing wrong inside Cubase/Halion Sonic …

All right, I can report that updating Cubase and reinstalling HS did the trick. Just in case anyone else runs into the same problem. Also, everybody was probably sitting at home wondering if Morton ever got his mediabay to work again. Well, he did. Thanks.

Congrats! Halion changed my life. People that think Kontakt is the standard are sadly missing out…


Yeah I’m quite pleased with HS as well. At the moment I could use some more options when it comes to strings and choirs, so I should probably look into upgrading to Halion at some point. As for the Native Instruments stuff I have only tried their Komplete Start package and I’m not really crazy about the blingy, shifty layout of their player. The sounds are nothing special either, though I’m sure there is some excellent stuff in their paid catalogue.

I upgraded to the full version with Absolute 6 2 weeks after using halion. Not sure if I will ever have a use for Kontakt again. You thing Sonic is a beast. Just wait. Download the 30 day free trial. And it’s 50% till the 11th with absolute. Very rare.