Halion Sonic 7 ; missing libraries that I downloaded, installed and used Library assistant

Hi all. Downloaded and installed Halion Sonic 7 and all new libraries. Used Steinberg library manager. On loading , Cubase 1 2reports missing libraries. SO I went to the library manager and used “Move” to put them in same folder as my other Halion stuff. Still no luck. Are these new libraries actually part of Halion Sonic 7 or only for full Halion 7? And if they are not free, why allow them to be downloaded and installed? Any clues? Thanks, Eddie

What does the report text say? Sometimes it gives a hint what the problem could be.

You should be able to test it or to use it with the license, and it’s possible to activate it on that computer after installing them just for a given period of time. If you own the license.
And some of them still use the eLicenser. They have not converted over, yet.

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Screengrab of message. Asking for more details just takes me to Steinberg page and I already did what they suggested. So the question is, are there libraries available in my library manager that I don’t own, and if so, why allow them to be installed?

Several of the libraries in your screenshot are part of Halion 7 and the Halion Sonic 7 Collection.

Halion Sonic 7 is free for anyone to download, but comes with no content. Cubase includes some content for it, and you can also purchase the Halion Sonic 7 Collection which includes only the instruments from Halion 7 at a cheaper price than purchasing the full plug-in.

Please uninstall the libraries which you don’t have a license for, then download and reinstall the Halion Sonic SE 3 content by clicking the icon for your version of Cubase in the Steinberg Download Assistant.

Thanks. Seems odd to find stuff that I didn’t buy being available to download and install. I reckon they should remove them from the list and only include stuff that we own, or demos. Eddie

There is a separate list, called “My Products”. Could be a hint.