Halion Sonic 7 not outputting sound?


So fresh install of Cubase elements 12 and included instruments Halion Sonic 7 , Groove Agent etc and the content files that go with them.
Audio interface is the steinberg UR22 and all audio inputs and outputs are connected correctly as I can hear and record audio from my guitar and microphone. This can also be heard on playback,

I can add a groove agent track and select drum programs, play them, hear them record them and play them back.

My external midi keyboard can also input notes.

It will load as an instrument and some of the patches will load but some say the instrument audio is not present.

The patches that do load have no sound output when using the screen keyboard or the midi keyboard. The signal from the keyboard is getting to Halion as the midi indicator light flashes when I press a screen keyboard or the midi keyboard. It will even record the midi notes which can then be seen in the project window on the Halion track - but - no sound from the instrument either on input or when playing back.

So I have ruled out Audio and midi connections being the issue, Guitars, mic and Groove agent all work fine so it has to be to do with how Halion is installed?
But I have never had this issue before do I started looking around and I read that you could look at the stand alone Halion to check settings…

I opened the stand alone version and checked the out puts and interface its using are correct. On closing it asked me to save the settings which I did - but not too sure if I saved them in the right place.

Went back to Cubase - loaded Halion and still no sound output even though midi input lights were flashing.

What am I missing - feeling a bit dumb as it must be something simple that i am not doing - I just can’t see it - HELP!

Thx in advance for any thoughts,

You may have downloaded content not included with your version of Cubase.

Thanks, and you might be right!
As I have a licence for Cubase 12 Elements do you know which patches I have got access to?

Thx in advance,

So I went the Cubase website as I’m not so sure what comes with Elements and it says Halion Sonic SE (Artist, Basic set) and TRIP and FLUX for Halion Sonic SE.

I think that part of the website must be out of date now as Halion Sonic SE3 is now HALION Sonic 7 ?!! But I presume the content packs are the same???

Bump on this
I got THE EXACT SAME problem!
The standalone version of Halion 7 works fine…but when it’s in Cubase , NO Sound.
everything is installed correctly and just Halion don’t get no sound. The other vst synth i got works without issue.
It’s definitely a bug on Halion side.

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I have exactly the same problem, very frustrating

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I’m fighting the same issue.

Noticed the same problem with UVI Falcon as well.
Might be something they share in their architecture.

I’m having the exact same problem. I’ve got midi recorded, Halion shows that it is receiving midi input on playback, but no sound. I’ve tried this with many of the programs and none of them play. I’ve reinstalled both Halion and the content but still no sound. Apparently a bunch of us need help on this.

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Please get in contact with the Support team. Send a project file which has that problem and a detailed description. They will try to reproduce it.
I can’t confirm it is a known bug. Maybe a routing or license problem.

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yeah?! and how about uninstalling this crap and not buying it at all and just going to the competition?
why release a product that got that kind of issue in the first place? smh

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Exactly my problem also!

Sound like your preferences are corrupted. That can append when you experiment.

Open in safe mode. A dialog appears. Choose disable your preferences. If it works, start again in safe mode, but this time choose delete your preferences.

To open in safe mode, you press ctrl-shift-alt as cubase starts. It’s cmd-shift-opt on a mac.

What´s the status of this issue? Has the 7.0.10 update of HALion solved these problems?

Hi there, are there any news? Got the same problem.

I did that. Unfortunately nothing changed, same old.

ultimately rang Steinberg and they got back in touch and took remote control of my machine - after at least a couple of hours they did something as I now have some of the sounds.

it seems it was something to do with my setup??? Anyway it kinda works now… so…

therefore - “call” steinberg for support - worked for me!


Same problem with me today 12/2023 is there no answer to this problem…so frustrating…So much of my work is stuck.

Nothing new about this issue ? I got the same problem, contact the support team a week ago and still no answer…

Same problem here, all audio settings and output levels in studio setup are correct, yet no sound from the Halion sonic 7 pack. Wasted lots of time on this issue. Very frustrating.