Halion Sonic 7 recording

I work with Cubase 13.
I want to record the halion sonic 7.
When I play some notes on the keyboard from the HS7 I see a reaction in the Mixconsole in the Halion track.
I see that also in the projectwindow, left in the tracklist in the Halion track.
When I start recording I see that in the right part of the projectwindow a track is formed.
When I stop the recording the formed track dissapeares.
Result: I have no recording.
Can you tell me what I have to do to be able to record the Halion succesfully?
Thank you

Apoligise if this is too basic:

Create instrument track (HAL)
Open instrument
Browse, choose sample library, Load preset. Note MIDI channel (1 most likely)
Ensure track is highlighted and “ARMED”
Ensure punch in/out NOT enabled (just for this test)
Enbable RECORD
Play play play

Yes, a little too basic.
What do you mean ‘armed’?
Ensure punch in/out NOT enabled. Where do I find this punch?

You cannot record by clicking the keys on the Halion plugin keyboard if that’s what you are doing.

Thank you! I connected mij keyboard and it’s working…