Halion Sonic 7

Stupid question I am certain… I have Halion Sonic 7 appearing when I work, but I don’t know how to access all of the soundbanks. I don’t see Halion Sonic 7 showing up as something I own, but the trial is long over… I would like to add World Percussion to my available sounds, but I am a bit baffled as to how to go about it…

Halion Sonic 7 is a free plug-in that fully replaces Halion Sonic SE 3. Dorico and Cubase include various HS SE 3 libraries for free, which will work in HS7 without problems.

To access the content that used to be included with the full paid version of Halion Sonic 3 (such as World Percussion), please purchase the “Halion Sonic 7 Collection”. This gives you access to the Halion 7 content at a lower price: