Halion Sonic & Akai MPK49

Hey people,

I recently purchased Halion Sonic and it’s really cool. I’ve got my MPK49 Set-Up as a MIDI controller and that works sweet too.

What I want to know is how could I get the knobs and controls on the MPK49 to sync up with the knobs and controls in Halion Sonic? Refer to the highlighted section of these images for a better explanation;

Thanks, hope to get some insight from you guys.

Joe Major.

Does anyone here care to offer some advice???

Hi Joe,

  • Please push your right Mousebutton over the Quickcontrol- knob

  • Hit “Learn CC”

  • Now move one of your knobs on your Akai MPK

    Here is a screenshot:

Thank you very much!

You are extremely helpful.

Joe Major.