Halion sonic cant find user multi programs (workaround found

hello ,
when i upgraded halion sonic ( to 1.6.3 )it no longer saves user multi programs . Is there a way to point halion sonic to my user files . My old user multi programs ( pre-update ) are saved and avalible but all my new multi programs are not avalible in the load multis page . I have tried rescanning the media bay in cubase but it still does not work . Has anyone else had this problem ?

p.s it also will not save my star ratings

cheers for your time !!!

As seems usual, no one from Steinberg answers your post. I have the same problem ( 1 of about 5 ) and like you I"m SOL. 7.5 is my last Steinberg purchase

I have found a workaround , a long one , but it does work .If you make your user multi programs , make loads of them , then save your multi programs in your VST3/ Steinberg / halion sonic multi folder in documents , then copy and pate your multis to a new folder (any folder just make a new one ) , then uninstall halion sonic , then reinstall halion sonic from disc (version 1.0 ) put your user multis you copied and pasted back in the halion sonic multi folder , then apply content update and then program update ( to 1.63 ) . then all your multi program files will be avalible in stand alone mode . very long winded but it does work .

cheers !!

Try rebuilding your preferences folder.
Save a copy to your desktop and then delete the one in your system.
On a Mac: Users/Library/Preferences/Halion(or whatever program you’re using for the VST’s).

Was having a similar problem with cubase 7.5 and Halion SE not saving my presets.
Trashed the preferences file and viola!
Cubase rebuilt the file on next start up and problem was solved.
Hope this works.

hello there ,
I’ve found a better workaround , when you save your multi’s in standalone mode they will not show up in the internal browser , but they will be saved in your multi’s folder ( on windows 7 its c\drive\documents\VST3 presets\Steinberg media technologies\halionsonic\multi ) . just drag them out your multi’s folder and drop them in the load slots and it works a treat , If you want them in your internal browser just re-install to version 1 then stick your own multis in the new multi folder and they’ll be there
cheers !!