Halion Sonic crash in Logic Pro!

Hi guys,
just bought Logic Pro and It’s quite impossible to use Halion Sonic 2… it’s a constant crash everytime I open the plug-in :astonished:
Version n° 2.0.10.

Maybe is there a solution?
Thank you!

I’ve found a “VST AU patcher” released by Steinberg two years ago for a similar problem: I’m a bit afraid to open it because I’m working on important projects now.
Did anyone already use it? Works good?

On my system sometimes Halion 5 crashes Logic when loading a project. Then I move the Halion AU-Plugin from Library/Audio/plug-Ins/Components to the desktop, start Logic and rescan all PlugIns, quit Logic, move the AU-Plugin back, run the “VST AU patcher” and everything runs fine for some days. On this occasion I also check for the latest version of the eLicenser-ControlCenter.